How Important are Security Cameras in Farms?

Just like our homes, farms and other agricultural areas are also very important types of properties that are needed to be kept safe, secure and well taken care of. There are many uses of security cameras in farms such as making sure farm operations run smoothly, ensuring that consumers are receiving safe and quality farm products, while at the same time protecting farm animals, facilities and equipment from harm and misuse.

If you own a farm, then you know that safety and security is very important in this type of land.  To ensure safety and security in your farm, getting security cameras and a surveillance system installed is a very wise choice.  Top-quality security cameras will definitely help in keeping things running smoothly by means of reducing the instances of any kind of contamination or tampering with farm products as well as keeping your farm animals, equipment and property safe at all times.

Typically huge farms that are separated by miles and miles of land and employs dozens of workers, delivery trucks and maintenance crews are in definite need of security cameras and surveillance systems in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly and on time.  Security cameras in farms can also help in monitoring for potential intruders and thus prevent potential break-ins.  Strategically-placed security cameras can monitor every possible point of entry of the criminals that wish to rob or do harm to your farm area.  Not only will you be able to deter the criminal, but also when someone tries to go in and sees that there are security cameras in your farm property, they will know that you already have gotten video footages and pictures of that potential criminal which you can present to the authorities or the local media, in an effort to have the criminal apprehended.  Also, through this strategy, you can also keep your farm animals, products and property safe and secure.

When you are planning in getting security cameras and surveillance systems for your farm area, you need to first know a few important things regarding it.  First of all, you need to make sure that your security cameras will be weatherproof.  This is because in farm areas, temperatures can be quite unpredictable, and some security cameras available in the market cannot withstand the harsh effects of the changing weather condition.  Furthermore, due to their remote location, farm security cameras are prone to being vandalized and destroyed.  Thus, you might also need to have your security cameras put in tamper-proof housing if needed.

Security cameras that are meant to be used in farms and other agricultural areas need to have a very wide and long range field vision.  The pictures produced must be of good quality; therefore, farm owners rely on high-end security cameras and surveillance systems in order to properly and effectively check out the events that might be significantly happening on their farms.  One clever way of monitoring farm areas is to use security cameras with infrared capabilities which can detect motion even in the dark or in very low-light conditions.  When the motion sensor is touched, the security camera starts recording immediately, and then an alert is sent out to the farm owner or security personnel.  Vital information taken from the security cameras is then routed through a mobile phone, just in case the alert notification is being missed.  An automated security system can absolutely aid farm owners by means of automatically monitoring everything that is happening in the farm areas and only alerting when there is relevant activity happening.  This way, it helps save a significant amount of time, thereby helping them focus more on their work in certain aspects where their maximum attention is required.

Below are some of the most common benefits on using surveillance systems and security cameras in farms, stables and other agricultural areas:

Monitor daily operations – Security cameras in farms can make sure that daily farm operations such as milking and feeding poultry and livestock run smoothly.

Monitor for intruders or trespassers – Security cameras that are strategically placed will be able to capture photo and video evidence of anyone entering the property without authorization.  This surveillance coverage aids in making sure that only the authorized farm workers are able to gain access to the farm as well as its facilities.

Deter theft – Installing security cameras in various areas such as calving pens, holding pens, gates and tool shops will aid in deterring thieves from stealing farm equipment and/or animals.

Prevent break-ins – In reality, the mere presence of security cameras in the farm area is effective enough to deter break-ins.  For intruders who do not realize the presence of these security cameras or choose to ignore them, then the video footage that will be taken and recorded will help in their apprehension by the proper authorities.

Monitor for employee behavior – Security cameras are also helpful in monitoring employees, especially on how they behave at work, so whenever there will be any problems regarding employee conduct and/or work performance, the video captured by the security cameras will be most helpful in this aspect.

Remote playback and monitoring – With the help of an IP-based security camera surveillance system, farm owners can easily monitor their property remotely.  Video footage can be stored digitally, thus making it easy to search for the appropriate event whenever the need arises.

Setup Advice on Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems for Farms

Below are some basic setup advices for those who are planning to install or upgrade security cameras and surveillance systems in farms and other agricultural areas:

  • Install security cameras at gate areas in order to monitor animals and also prevent them from escaping in case they manage to.
  • Install security cameras at entrance and exit doors in order to capture images and video of those who enter and leave the area.
  • Install security cameras at driveways in order to monitor anyone who enters the property.
  • Install security cameras in holding pens to track animal behavior as well as to keep an eye on employee work operations.
  • Install security cameras in order to monitor potential high-risk farm areas such as water supplies and fuel tanks.
  • Do set up security cameras in order to watch over feed lanes.
  • Do install security cameras in order to deter the theft of farm tools and equipment as well as to prevent other people from tampering your farm machinery.