Monitoring the Inside and Outside of Gas Stations with Security Cameras

In the past 20 years or so, the concept of using Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems at Gas Stations was almost preposterous.  This was mainly due to the fact that gas back then was extremely cheap so there was actually no need to steal it.  However, in our current point in time of limited paychecks and high-priced gas, gas station robberies happen more than ever unlike the past decade or so.  To combat this dilemma, gas station owners are turning to security cameras and surveillance systems for help.  With the help of these nifty equipments, not only will the gas station owners prevent gas station robberies, but they will also keep their employees and other civilians around the gas station safe and secure.  If you do a quick search on the Internet, you would find that there are many gas station robberies that have occurred anywhere around the world in the past 24 hours!  It is certainly a fact that gas station robberies have been on the rise for these past few years, and sometimes a simple robbery turns out even worse if many innocent people get hurt in that awful process.  Therefore, it is time for gas station owners to take this matter of safety and security very seriously.

In case you are not very much aware of it, in the past decade or two,  many gas station owners have made it some kind of a security measure to have Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems at Gas Stations.  Most of the times, all security cameras are found outside the gas station, with an extensive view over the whole gas fill-up area.  Unfortunately for the past years, the security cameras had limited recording time and they were of poor quality, so their images and recorded video were not very helpful at all.  However, thanks to the ever-improving advancements in technology that we have nowadays, security cameras, surveillance systems and other equipment related to surveillance have become more advanced and thus have proven to be more effective and more reliable.

One particular significant change recently is that gas stations make it a point to not only monitor the fill-up area when they are doing their surveillance measures, they are monitoring the interior of the store as well.  This is because most of the times, many gas station robbers are now targeting to rob the inside of the store, and gas station owners or their employees are in danger in case that terrible incident happens.

With the help of security cameras, surveillance system and DVRs (digital video recorders), gas station owners can get clear images of those present in their store and know if something bad is about to occur.  In the world of running a gas station business, surveillance is one of the key factors in helping a gas station maintain its merchandise, keep its employees and customers safe and to ensure that the people will not think that they can obtain gas from the station for free.

Remote Surveillance for Gas Stations

If you are a gas station owner, just because you are not physically present at your gas station, it does not mean you will not be able to see what is going on at any time.  Thanks to the power of remote viewing technology that utilizes cameras and high-speed Internet bandwidths, you will be able to view your gas station at all times, even if you are not physically present there.  This means that not only can you make sure that your employees are doing their job, but also you can make sure that nobody is currently robbing the place.  This becomes into savings on productivity for you as the owner as well as safety and security for your employees and your valued customers.  Remote viewing for the gas station manager or owner can be considered to be one of the biggest advances in the history of surveillance for the past 10 years.

Monitoring Gas Station Pumps and Keeping Employees Safe with Security Cameras

No matter where you are in the world, the pumps surely are a hot spot for crime.  While the store is mostly the target of robbers, the pumps can actually cost a lot more for the gas station.  The gas in those pumps is essentially the life blood of the gas station, and gas-and-dash robberies totally kill the whole gas station business.

Fortunately, with the help of today’s technology and clever analysis, gas station owners are now able to monitor the gas station pumps on gas pump islands with outdoor security cameras installed in them.  This means that they will be able to see the license plate of the person who robs them, and they will not have to put their employees in danger just to stop the wrongdoer.  All it takes now is to observe someone parking, filling up their tank and then driving off without paying.  When that happens, let the police know about the incident and show them the video footage as concrete evidence.  In just a matter of time, the wrongdoer will be apprehended, without any innocent individual getting hurt in the process.  The monitoring of the gas station pumps with islands that possess outdoor security cameras is truly a huge step to safety as it also keeps robbers from stealing the gas of the gas station.

Security Cameras as a Deterrent to Robbers/Thieves

If someone is determined enough, nothing will stop them from doing what they want, especially if it is a robber.  Robbers or thieves can actually be deterred with the help of security cameras and a surveillance system.  The potential wrongdoers, once they notice that there are security cameras installed, will think twice before doing the crime because it will be too risky and there is a very high chance that they will get caught.  The installation of visible security cameras in places such as outside and inside the gas station, around the pumps and behind the counter, is truly an excellent and reliable theft deterrent for the gas station and the store.  Any gas station owner who wants to keep the gas station environment safe and robberies prevented or kept non-existent, is going to need to install cameras that are completely seen out in the open, but always kept at a certain height and untouched.