One of the most commonly known types of communities in many developed countries is the gated homeowners association or HOA. One country that has about 1 out of 6 residents who lives in an association-managed community is the United States. An estimated 4 out of 5 houses built since the 1990s are governed by a homeowners association. Such a place was built so that people can live in peace due to the fact that the whole community is surrounded by a wall, with a front gate entrance (and sometimes it also has a rear gate entrance or exit). Many of the homeowners associations entrust the security guards to guard at the front of these communities, while others do not.

While it is one of the primary goals of any gated homeowners association to keep its premises safe for its residents, these areas are not entirely perfect and sometimes there is a need for the homeowners associations to invest and install surveillance systems and security cameras to ensure the safety and security of everyone while inside their gated community. To realize this goal, homeowner associations will carry out several safety measures including indoor and outdoor security cameras, DVRs and even remote viewing.

The area in the gated community where you will find almost all of the tools and other items that are used to keep the community looking great is the club house. The items range from complex machines such as riding lawnmowers and heavy duty pressure washers to simple items like garage tools, etc. However, because of the fact that the club house (or any other storage building of the community) is a depository of tools and items that are expensive, these areas can become likely places where theft can occur, and even the potential culprits can sometimes be the members in the community. To prevent this or apprehend anyone who misbehaves, it is very crucial to have security cameras and surveillance systems installed throughout the areas where crime is likely to occur.

When you put security cameras and surveillance systems in clubhouses, you are then able to monitor what is going on and prevent theft in the community’s clubhouse. You and other members of the community can opt to either use security cameras that are out in the open so that other people will know that a security camera is guarding the area, or you can also use security cameras that are hidden so that whenever there is theft or any other crime going on, the wrongdoers will not be aware that they are being watched and their actions are being recorded as concrete evidence to be used against them in the future. Due to the fact that the cost of security cameras and a surveillance DVR nowadays is very affordable and friendly to anyone’s budget, a homeowners association will be able to invest on one and literally save thousands of dollars on stolen items from their clubhouses. For most people, especially for many members of the homeowners associations, this is just a small price they are willing to pay in order to give their residents some peace of mind and safety inside their gated community.

Many people are aware of the common fact that gated communities oftentimes employ security guards that are situated at the front gate (and back gate) to keep those who do not belong inside the community, out of the community especially during night time. However, hiring security guards cost homeowner associations a lot of money. Not only do homeowner associations need to pay their hourly salary, but they also need to cover other expenses that come with hiring security guards such as their insurance, benefits and more, so it can also be impractical for many homeowner associations to hire them. As a result, many homeowners who cannot afford to get security guards end up as areas that are prone to danger such as theft and crime. Fortunately, with the existence of affordable security cameras and surveillance systems, homeowner associations can invest on them so that they can acquire the security they need without the need for paying for the services of high-priced security guards.

By installing security cameras and DVRs as well as remote viewing functions in their surveillance system, homeowner associations will get to enjoy the benefits of having a “virtual security guard”. With the help of the security cameras, those who would attempt to sneak into the community will be caught and apprehended. In addition, through the use of remote viewing, the members of the gated community can keep a lookout on the front during their spare time, thus turning the whole community into a “remote viewing neighborhood watch”. This becomes a very big benefit for every resident because it gets the community together for a common goal to keep everyone safe and sound inside their gated haven without the need for the services of security guards.

Many gated communities have recreation areas where residents, especially young people, would like to hang out at during their free time. However, at night time, these areas can also be where some troublemakers would like to hang out at and disturb the peace. There are many cases that troublemakers are even residents of that very same gated community. As a matter of fact, teenagers who are involved in the drug trade can live in a gated community. Public areas such as basketball courts and tennis courts are places where people often gather together. When this happens, trouble can certainly happen, from petty vandalism to gang fights.

While there are advantages to having security guards guarding the gates as well as wandering around the premises, it makes more sense to have a security surveillance system installed to ensure that there is continuous vigilance, without the need for someone being actually there. The security cameras will be able to watch over the recreation areas, and with the DVRs’ help, the homeowner associations will be able to watch the events that occurred the night before in the case of vandalism, for example.

Nowadays, it is very practical to invest on a surveillance system and security cameras when the costs of hiring a security guard is particularly too costly for the homeowners association. Not having a security guard at the front gate can be okay for some people, but not having any measures for security at all is a very unwise decision as they are risking their property as well as their safety and security.