Home surveillance systems offer you protection, security and monitoring services that not only can keep your family safe but also can give you peace of mind. These nifty systems are based on digital data and digital video. Because of these two factors, they can definitely share the benefits of technological advancements in the industry of personal computing. Simply put, latest surveillance systems have greater performance yet can still be affordable.

Most home surveillance systems are considered component systems which are made up of 3 main components or pieces of equipment – the digital video cameras, the DVR (digital video recorder), and one or more monitors. Digital video cameras can be mounted anywhere that is helpful to the user although the norm is that the cameras should be put in places such as entrances, exits, the ground floor, the attic, and the first floor of the home.

Inside the house, surveillance system can be set to “zone type” wherein its video coverage is based on specific locations in the house and the cameras are typically places in large rooms, lobbies, hallways or every room may be installed with its own camera. It really depends on the user’s preference.

Special use security cameras are those which can cover video footage even if in total darkness, due to the fact that they are equipped with infrared illumination and other advanced features. This type of camera is normally situated outside the home but it can also be used inside some rooms, based on the preference of the homeowner. An example would be when you have a baby at home. These cameras can be very useful as baby monitors. Placing it in the nursery with a full view of the crib or bed of your baby or toddler, these cameras can monitor your child all the time without disturbing them. It is actually much better than always taking a peek from their bedroom door in the middle of the night.

Surveillance systems for home use can also include cameras with motion detectors. These are connected to an on-board passive infrared (PIR) detector that switches that camera on for recording only when movement is detected. These cameras can be very useful alarms too, if the DVR has this feature, you can program it to send an email to you every time the camera is activated.

There are many other advantages that surveillance systems can offer to each and every home. When you look at videos being taken by surveillance cameras on Youtube, you will come to realize the importance and benefits of these surveillance systems as they not only protect you and your family from potential danger, but they also can become solid evidence to be used against anyone who breaks the law.