Security Camera Maintenance

It is so good to hear that security cameras are invented to help aid the need for security, especially when there is minimal number of people to stay on guard. But it is also alarming to hear that the security cameras installed are not maintained and in worse scenario, it was just put to say that the establishment has it.

 Maintaining your security cameras can be as simple as buying a can of compressed air and once a month blowing the dust away from the lens.  Wiping the lens with a cloth should be avoided, although you could buy a camera lens cloth and use it very carefully to clean the lens.  Most surveillance cameras will not need to be focused unless someone was tampering with the camera, in which case you may need to call in a professional, but it is usually a relatively inexpensive visit and he can look over your entire cctv system at the same time.

surveillance camera

Dome type security cameras are not affected by this problem.  The dome can also be cleaned with a soft cloth as it is not as prone to damage as a camera lens, making the dome style surveillance camera a better choice for a greasy environment like a fast food restaurant.  Although no security camera is going to hold up in a high grease area such as over a grill. Pedestal base surveillance cameras can get bumped and some mounts will allow the camera to move fairly easily.  Those type bases can usually allow the store owner or manager to move them back into position.

The average lifespan of a modern solid-state camera is greater than 5 years. Many camera failures occur early in a camera’s life. This allows for most cameras with defects to be returned during the warranty period.

Cameras do occasionally need repair, so the availability of parts should be considered. This can make a good deal on an older camera system less fortuitous. If a camera unit used in a critical application must be sent away for repair, it is wise to have a backup camera available. Maintenance contracts should always address repair time and the availability of loaner units.

With just a little time spent each month maintaining your cctv system, your security cameras will end up paying for themselves in loss prevention.