The Best Place to Install a Security Camera

A security camera have been proven time and time again as active deterrents to intrusion as well as key factors in solving vandalism, theft, burglary, or even crime.  This makes having security cameras a worthy investment for your home.  However, in order for a security camera to be effective, they need to be placed in strategic locations where they can more efficient.  Below is a list of 5 strategic areas where you can place your security camera.

1.  Facing the front door and windows.  The front door and windows are the likely entry points of most intruders.  For some strange reason, many intruders seem to target the front of the house they attempt to break-in and enter which is the reason why this is one of the primary location where you should focus your security camera.

2.  Facing the front gate or pathway.  Having the ability to monitor who is approaching your home is very ideal for security because you will have time to prepare for any countermeasures in case intrusion does occur.  This makes it very important to have security cameras facing the front gate or pathway because not only can they act as deterrent but they can also be the key factor in a fight or flight situation.

3.  Facing the rear entrance.  The back door is a popular entry point for burglars.  This is because the back door is usually out of sight and this gives them time to pick the lock or break-in through the window without worrying of being seen.  This makes it only logical to place a door alarm at your back door as well as a security camera in order to monitor what is taking place at the back of your house.

4.  Facing the side of your house.  A smart burglar will try to avoid approaching from the front or back door.  This makes it a good reason to setup security cameras on one or both sides of your house to capture even the smartest of burglars.

5.  Facing your lawn or your backyard equipped with night vision and motion sensors.  Most burglars will think they are safe when they hide under the cover of night.  They are wrong.  Any intruders or burglars that lurk in your backyard will surely be caught by your security camera regardless if they are hiding under the cover of night.  This is possible through night vision technology which allows you to view images even in zero light.

Having security cameras is amazing especially when you talk about it in a security standpoint.   However, if your security cameras are not placed on ideal locations, they may not be as effective as they should be.  Placing them on strategic locations may kick your security level up a notch.