Samsung Security System SME-2220 with 22″ Monitor 500GB Hard Drive & 8 Ch DVR comes with 4 Surveillance Camera

The Samsung Security System SME-2220 is Samsung’s entry into the security camera system. The Samsung SME-2220 is an all-in-one CCTV security camera system that is capable of providing your home or your place of business the maximum security it needs 24/7. It features a highly intuitive Graphical User Interface which makes it very user friendly. Owners of the Samsung SME-2220 will also love its smartphone remote monitoring capability as well as its text notifications based on significant events such as motion detection or loss of signal.

The unit itself comes with a vivid 22 inch LCD monitor that has a built-in H.264 DVR along with 500 gigabytes worth of recording space. The high compression method along with high capacity hard drive enables you to record the video feed coming from the security cameras nonstop for several weeks. In fact, the hard drive can be upgraded to 1 terabyte to further increase recording time. It also comes with 4 professional-grade security cameras. Each camera is capable of providing 600 TV lines of resolution that delivers highly detailed video which can capture even small objects – good enough to allow you read license plates and identify facial features. The cameras provided are all weather resistant and highly durable. This allows them to capture clear and stable videos despite harsh outdoor conditions. The security system itself is capable of supporting up to 8 channels which means you can purchase additional security cameras to further increase the unit’s security potential.

Unlike other security camera systems which use two cables to support video and power, the Samsung SME-2220 uses only single cables to cover both video and power. This is highly useful as it provides you the freedom to setup the cameras on areas with no near electrical outlets. In addition, two of the four security cameras are equipped with infrared LEDs. This gives it night vision capability with the capacity to see up to 50 feet away, even on zero light conditions.