What makes Samsung SCP-3371H different from other dome camera?

This Modern, Stylish, Compact dome Camera has now a 37x optical Zoom with ultra low light level capabilities of 0.7Lux Color and 0.07Lux B/W without Sens-up activated.

With its SV-V DSP engine, the SCP-3371 dome camera feature SSNRIII (Samsung Super Noise Reduction), the 3rd generation of Samsung Super Noise Reduction, WDR, and VPS (Virtual Progressive Scan) to deliver clear and vivid images in any condition.

Samsung SCP-3371H PTZ CCTV Camera

Samsung SCP-3371H –  Modern and Stylish Features

It has a wide range of Auto Security Functions which includes the following:

  • Multiple Preset Function Saving : Up to 12 camera image properties can be saved individually to provide high quality pictures.
  • Image Holding : When moving in a group tour, the screen appears in a still image until the movement is complete, thus reducing the optical fatigue of the observer.
  • PTZ Trace : Patterns operated with the joystick can be saved and replayed by users.
  • Swing : Using the Swing function commands the camera to move between 2 selected locations, monitoring the route
  • Group Search : Maximum 128 Preset positions are toured in order.
  • Tour Search : Maximum 6 Group Search functions are toured in order.

Samsung SCP-3371H – Compact Features

The built-in 37x optical zoom lens with auto-focus is combined with a 16x digital zoom, providing a maximum of 592 zoom. Its Wide Range Auto Security Functions enables you to group, select and saved high quality pictures you want for back up and documentation purposes. It reduces the blurring and hassle free for the observers.

The Digital Flip function is useful to monitor moving objects or people passing directly under the camera. When an object or a person passes directly under the camera, its tilt motor follows the object or person over 90 degrees to the other side of the tilt area without panning. The screen inversion starts to occur at 90 degrees or higher is digitally adjusted.

The Smart P/T function automatically adjusts the control speed of the Pan and Tilt functions according to the current zoom ratio. It is useful to adjust the functions manually for detailed controls when monitoring at high zoom ratios.

The unit comes with a Day & Night that enables you to select between color and B/W modes depending on the lighting conditions. With its daytime & night-time switch and Sens-Up functions based on the ICR (Infrared Cut filter Removal) method, the camera provides high quality pictures regardless of whether it is day or night. Sens-Up increases the CCD sensitivity by electrically extending the camera’s exposure time.

The high performance built-in fan/heater enables the product to operate under extreme temperatures between -50° ~ 55°. It can also set up to 255 preset position. Using this function, it saves and brings up the camera feed of a selected monitoring location.

Camera Backup function used for backing up the camera’s sequence information and presets. This is useful when the camera or its install base are damaged or malfunctions occur. Lastly, the Area Masking function sets if the monitoring location includes a highly private area, the area can be selectively masked on the screen.

Samsung SCP-3371H PTZ Camera

Sale Price: $1,177.61


Includes a class leading 37X optical zoom with ultra low light level capabilities of 0.7Lux Color and 0.07Lux B/W without Sens-up activated.


  • High resolution 37x optical zoom
  • 600/700TV lines
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • Wide Dynamic Rage (WDR)
  • Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNR)
  • Speed Dome
  • 0.7/0.07 lux sensitivity
  • Intelligent video
  • Day & Night with ICR
  • Min. Illumination [email protected] (Color), 0.07Lux (B/W)


  • Pan Range : 360° Endless
  • Pan Speed : Preset : 500°/sec, Manual : 0.024°/sec ~ 120°/sec (Proportional zoom ratio)
  • Tilt Range : -5° ~ 185° (Max. -15° ~ 195°)
  • Tilt Speed : Preset : 500°/sec, Manual : 0.024°/sec ~ 120°/sec (Proportional zoom ratio)
  • Preset : 255
  • Preset Accuracy : ±0.1°


  • Operating Temperature : -50°C ~ +55°C (-58°F ~ +131°F)
  • Operating Humidity : Less than 90% RH
  • Ingress Protection : IP66