Lorex LIVE SD7 Wireless Digital Security System

The Lorex LIVE SD7 is a wireless digital security system from Lorex and is designed mostly for home and small business use. The unit is a plug-and-play wireless security camera system which has an indoor wireless range of about 150 feet and an outdoor wireless range of around 450 feet. Lorex LIVE SD7 is able to provide you with excellent quality video surveillance.

The Lorex LIVE SD7 comes with a 7 inch LCD screen that acts as the receiver, monitor as well as the recorder. Although the package only comes with 2 security cameras, the Lorex SD7 is capable of supporting 4 video channels. This mean you can purchase 2 additional wireless cameras to further increase your monitoring capability.

The 2 included security cameras on the package are very technologically advanced. Each camera is equipped with infrared LEDs which gives it night vision capability. This allows you to monitor the area you want to monitor even under zero light situations – an advantage since most intruders hide under the cover of night. Another feature that the Lorex SD7 has is its motion sensing capability. Each security cameras are equipped with temperature-based motion sensors which can trigger the recording process as soon as it detects motion any motion with heat. This greatly helps to eliminate false alarms.

One of the main attractions of the Lorex LIVE SD7 is its fast and easy setup. Just mount the wireless cameras on strategic locations, plug the LCD receiver/recorder, and you are up and running. Another plus to this wireless concept is that you can change the camera locations without having to worry about rewiring the whole system.

One good feature of the Lorex SD7 that I personally like is its two-way communication or intercom capability. Since the cameras are equipped with both microphone and speaker, you no longer need to confront intruders personally as you can speak to them via the security cameras and inform them that you have already alerted the proper authorities about their intrusion. This will definitely make them think and withdraw from their evil intention.

Aside from the Lorex SD7s aesthetics, I also like how the 7 inch LCD receiver/recorder looks and function. The LCD can easily be mistaken as a digital photo frame which means you need not conceal it even if you have visitors around. In addition, the unit is equipped with a screensaver thereby making it look more like a digital photo frame.