Lorex LW2704B Wireless Digital Security System

The Lorex LW2704B is a wireless digital security system from Lorex that has been designed specifically for home and small business use. It features a plug-and-play 4 wireless security camera system that has an indoor range of around 150 feet and an outdoor wireless range of about 450 feet.

The Lorex LW2704B is capable of delivering amazing video surveillance quality. The system is basically the Lorex SD7. However, this Lorex LW2704B system doesn’t come with 2 security cameras, but with four. Each wireless security camera can be used as a two-way communication intercom as they are equipped with both speaker and microphone. This can be very useful as you no longer have to confront intruders personally. All you need to do is speak to them through the receiver and tell them you are aware of their presence and inform them that you have already alerted the authorities – which should be enough to scare them off.

One of the main attractions of the Lorex LW2704B is its fast and easy setup. All you need is to mount the four wireless security cameras onto strategic locations, plug the 7 inch LCD receiver/recorder and you are done. The fact that the system is wireless means you can also move the pieces around without having to worry about rewiring the whole thing. In addition, the receiver acts as the monitor itself which allows you to view a single channel or all four channels simultaneously.

Another interesting feature that the Lorex LW2704B has that makes it irresistible is its motion sensors. Each wireless security camera is equipped with temperature-based motion sensors. This enables the unit to start the recording process as soon as it detects any temperature-accompanied movement. Also an interesting feature is the unit’s night vision capability. Again, each of the wireless security cameras is equipped with infrared illuminators which allow you to monitor any area even under zero light conditions. The best part is that the night vision feature is triggered automatically as soon as the unit detects falling light.

Overall, the Lorex LW2704B Wireless Digital Security System is a nice and decent wireless surveillance system. Setup is nice and simple as everything is plug-and-play. The LCD receiver/recorder is nicely executed as it can easily be mistaken as a digital picture frame which means you can easily conceal it. My only problem with the Lorex LW2704B is that it can only record one channel (including audio) at one time. At least two channels would have been fine, but one is just not good enough. However, if you can settle for 1 channel recording that can be triggered by motion sensors, then the Lorex LW2704B is the one for you.