Lorex LW2702 7-Inch LCD Quad Digital Wireless Surveillance System

If you have begun looking for a surveillance system you probably already know what to expect from many of them. The ones that supply everything that you need will typically include one or more cameras. It will also include either a receiver or a recorder unit. A recorder allows you to capture events that trigger your criteria.

There are some kits that only supply additional components. They do not include all of the components necessary for a complete system. These can be useful in adding on to your existing security system. Once you have selected the core pieces that you want, you can upgrade and expand at your leisure. It is important to consider the availability of compatible parts before purchasing your core pieces though. Some wireless receivers may not accept wired camera input. The converse may also be true.

The Lorex LW2702 is one unit that supplies everything that you will need. It also includes technology that allows for extremely simple setup and function. You can expect to find a Digital Wireless LCD receiver/monitor in the system that you receive. The Lorex LW2702 also includes two digital wireless cameras with wireless antennas. There are power adapters for all of the components. The receiver allows for recording directly to an SD Card that allows for simple transferability. The system includes a remote control that allows you to control the Lorex LW2702. The entire system includes documentation and a one year limited warranty.

You can set the system  to begin recording when motion is activated. You can also set the system for scheduled recording at specific times. A date stamp is included on the recordings to create a more comprehensive level of documentation. The receiver allows for up to sixteen GB SD cards. You are able to record at either VGA or QVGA quality. The screen is seven inches. The cameras include built-in microphones and speaker. This feature allows you to use the Cameras and the LCD monitor as a two-way communication device.

This is a stand-alone unit. You are able to select your preferences and set up the system using a menu that is displayed on the receiver and navigated using the remote control. The menu is designed for ease of use, allowing you to get the performance that you want from the system.

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