Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-on Security Camera with Night Vision

The Logitech Alert 700e is a weatherproof outdoor security camera from Logitech. It offers video surveillance in High Definition-quality (720p) which allows you to identify people or objects much easier. It has a wide-angled lens which allows you to view in 130 degrees. It is also equipped with night vision technology which allows the owner to view the area that needs to be monitored even in zero light conditions.

Taking a look at the Logitech Alert 700e unit, you will find that it is a decently made security camera that has a nice finish. One of the features that make the Logitech Alert 700e irresistible is its remote monitoring capability wherein you can view the feed from your security camera via the internet. In fact, you can even watch the feed from your smartphone using the free app from Logitech.

One of the features that Logitech is proud to have in their Alert 700e is their HomePlug Networking Technology which allows you to use the existing electrical wiring of your home and use it as the method of transmitting video without using any additional wirings. This feature helps to prevent any wiring or network hassles.

Another feature that the Logitech Alert 700e has is its motion-triggered recording. Its motion sensor can be programmed to detect motion only on motion zones so as to reduce false alarms. It is even smart enough to notify you through email or via your mobile phone if it detects motion in your property.

The Logitech Alert 700e comes with a 2 GB micro SD card which can store up to a week of video recording. This can be expanded for a longer recording time. The video it records is automatically backed-up whenever it is connected to your network. In addition, you can setup the unit to record only when motion is detected so that you do not waste any recording space or waste time watching the video with no apparent occurrence.

The Logitech Alert 700e is a nice and decent outdoor security camera. Installing this will not pose any problem and setup is very straightforward. Its only drawback is that they are only compatible with Windows-based computers.