Loftek Nexus 543 Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera

The Nexus 543 is an IP security camera from Loftek. This network camera is both waterproof and weatherproof as it has been designed for demanding outdoor surveillance applications. It has been rated with an IP66 which means its external body is very robust and is capable of withstanding dust, rain, impact and any other adverse weather conditions.

The Loftek Nexus 543 security camera has a precision-engineered lens and a CMOS sensor which gives it a maximum of 640 x 480 video resolution at 30 frames per second with 40 degree viewing angle. This allows it to capture video images with utmost detail. The unit is also equipped with 36 infrared LEDS to give it an enhanced night vision capability with coverage of up to 25 meters. The video capability of the Loftek Nexus 543 is outstanding as it is able to provide you with superior image in both day and night lighting conditions.

The Loftek Nexus 543 is capable of supporting two-way audio and can be configured to accept external alarm inputs and outputs. It is equipped with a motion sensor which can trigger both recording as well as notifying you through email. The Nexus 543 is also equipped with automatic port forwarding along with UPnP and DDNS to allow you to access the unit from anywhere in the world using either a computer or a smartphone. It has three levels of user authority to give you more customized security solutions.

The Loftek Nexus 543 is compatible with both Mac and Windows along with smart mobile phone viewing. It supports all major web browsers such as IE, Firefox, and Safari. The size of the unit and its versatility make it a popular and dependable choice for professional video surveillance on locations such as schools, banks, government buildings, hotels, airports, and many more.