Defender SN500-4CH-002 Feature-rich 4 Channel H.264 DVR Security System

Looking for an affordable surveillance camera system that is easily accessible directly you’re your BlackBerry, iPhone or Android Smartphone, is easy to install and you can do it by yourself? Then look no more, because the SN500-4CH-002 is your best bet!

The SN500-4CH-002 is regarded as one of Defender’s complete set of do-it-yourself surveillance camera systems which are very easy to set up and utilize, without having to call a professional installer. With its auto-start recording feature, you can begin recording as soon as you plug it in to a power outlet. Your system can easily monitor different areas such as stores, offices, counters, garages as well as entrances and exits on either your area of business or home.

Unlike some surveillance camera systems that only comes with two cameras, the Defender SN500-4CH-002 comes with four weatherproof, high-resolution color cameras that give you reliably clear pictures, whether they are indoors or outdoors. They are efficient in allowing you to distinguish facial characteristics that can help in identification of persons, even if the footage is taken in total darkness.

After a hard day’s work in the office, maybe you are curious at what happened at your home while you were gone. Even if you can monitor the rooms in your home while working at the office, you cannot possibly always keep your eyes glued on the videos that the surveillance cameras are giving you. If you think you missed something important, worry not, as with the advanced motion activated recording of the Defender SN500-4CH-002, you can opt to record video only when motion is detected or you can use them to continuously record. A very good thing about the cameras of Defender SN500-4CH-002 is that you can set one or two cameras to record only when motion is detected while the other two are set to record continuously. You can also set a weekly recording schedule wherein you can select which days of the week and hours of the day you would like to record or not. With its event search, you will no longer have to play back everything the Defender SN500-4CH-002 has recorded. Just select the desired date and time, and the video clips that match to those criteria will be displayed. You can also opt to view footages that have been captured at times when there is motion detected, that is, if you have set one or more of your surveillance cameras to that role.

Its DVR has a VGA output that enables you to view videos on your computer monitor. It also has a built-in USB port that enables you to back up and transfer any videos with an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive. With these features, any video footage becomes easily portable and you can view it easily anytime and anywhere on any PC.

Have a large area to cover? Worry not, because included in the SN500-4CH-002 set is 60 feet of camera wiring, which gives you a wide range of choices on where to install your cameras.

What is also great about Defender’s SN500-4CH-002 surveillance camera system is that if you do not have the time to install the system yourself or you do not want to go through the trouble of learning how to install it, then you can ask Defender to have it done for you! They can help install it for you in any zip code across the continental US as well as in areas in Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Not only will their trustworthy surveillance system installers help you install your system, but they will also be happy to train and educate you about its functions and features so you could fully optimize and enjoy your SN500-4CH-002 surveillance camera system.