Defender SN301-8CH-008 8 Channel H.264 Smart DVR Security System with Coaching iMenu and 8 Hi-Res CCD Night Vision Surveillance Cameras (Black)

The Defender SN301-8CH-008 was first seen in October of 2001. This DVR security system can work for almost any property because it has 8 indoor/outdoor night vision cameras. Having 8 cameras gives you the ability to mount the cameras on all entrances, exits, garage, and even the yard. This DVR security system has been particularly designed for the do-it-yourselfer in mind. It is loaded with unique features that can help you in keeping your property safe and secure.

Setting up the Defender SN301-8CH-008 is fast and hassle-free. This is because most of the things that you will need to do has been incorporated into the interactive coaching menu which will guide you throughout the installation process. It can assist you through information bubbles that will popup while you scroll through different settings allowing you to configure the system to the settings that will suit your needs.

The Defender SN301-8CH-008 allows you to monitor your property constantly as it can record a month’s worth of video in the DVRs 500 gigabyte hard drive. It uses the H.264 video compression method giving you amazing quality footage at 50% less storage as compared to MPEG-4 video compression method. This allows your security system to capture a month’s worth of surveillance. You also have the option to record only when motion has been detected. This not only saves you time in viewing the footage but it also saves valuable hard drive space. There are options to set cameras to record when motion is detected and have some cameras do constant recording. Its advanced motion detection settings can ensure you that it will not be tripped by false alarms.

The Defender SN301-8CH-008 is internet-ready which means you can view the DVRs live or recorded footage on any location with internet access without any service charge. This allows you check your home, your business, your family members, or even your employees even if you cannot physically be there. In fact, the system can even notify you with email alerts whenever motion is detected or when the cameras lose power. A maximum of 7 different email addresses can get these alerts.

The Defender SN301-8CH-008 has 8 professional-grade weather-resistant high-resolution cameras. Each camera is night vision capable allowing you to monitor up to 15 feet away in pitch dark. They are equipped with a light sensor and 12 infrared LEDs that can automatically activate during low lighting conditions and deactivate during the day in order to save energy. Each camera is housed on professional grade aluminum housings along with a built-in sunshade to help in preventing glare, deterioration, and rusting.

There are also multiple easy backup options for the Defender SN301-8CH-008. A built-in USB port allows you to transfer your video footage through a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, or burn the video footage to a disc using an external CD/DVD writer. The system also utilizes 3G technology allowing the transmission of video and audio data at higher speeds. It is compatible with smart phones and can be set to email your hand-held mobile phone whenever an activity occurs such as the detection of motion.

The Defender SN301-8CH-008 has 24/7 lifetime customer service assistance should you need the technical assistance of an expert. They offer phone, email, and chat technical support. You can also visit their website at for video networking guides and instructional videos on topics such as camera placement.

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