Defender SENTINEL3 Web-Ready 16-Channel DVR Security System Digital Video Recorder with Hi-Res Night Vision Surveillance Cameras and 8.5-Inch LCD

A surveillance system provides a number of different benefits to the individuals that use them. Some find that a surveillance system grants them a peace of mind that they did not have before. Similarly, an adequate surveillance system may work to lower your insurance rates. These benefits can often go far beyond the cost of the system that you select.

When you look for a system you should be certain to ensure that the system that you choose has all of the components that you want in your initial system. There are core components that are needed to assemble a working system. A number of surveillance systems actually come ready to connect and work in the box. Some of these may be much simpler to connect than you might expect as well.

The Defender SENTINEL3 system has all the components that you will need to get started in the box. There is an additional option that you will likely want to take advantage of though. This system is one of those that allow you to view video over the internet. This is useful for remote monitoring and sending video to others that are not in the area. When you are on the site you can also view the video on the eight and one-half inch monitor that is included in the system.

The Defender SENTINEL3 comes with eight high resolution cameras. They are suitable for mounting both inside and outside. Each one is equipped with night vision. The receiving digital video recorder includes a three-hundred and twenty GB hard disk for video storage. The receiver is also equipped to accept audio input as well. The hard disk is reported to allow you to record more than two years of video footage.

All of the cables and connectors that are necessary are included in the box. There is also mounting equipment included. If you have difficulty setting up there is a quick start guide as well as a complete instruction manual. If you have installation problems there is nationwide installation service available as well. The system also includes eight warning stickers. These can be placed around the perimeter of the area that is being protected.

The system includes lifetime customer support through web chat, email, or phone. There is a one year warranty on the system as well.

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