Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are an investment for both your business and your home where the investment return is often hard to measure. Nowadays, CCTV security cameras are becoming more and more affordable that homes and small businesses are utilizing it to have that added layer of security. There are many reasons why you should install a residential security system and a business security system, but the top two main reasons are to deter theft and to watch over the house staff or office employees.

The main advantage of having a video surveillance camera system is that it deters criminal activities. This is because a criminal is less likely to attempt thievery if he knows he is being watched. In other cases, video security camera systems help lower the cost of insurance because insurance companies take them as an additional security measure. Another advantage when setting up a surveillance system is that it encourages your household staff and office staff to be productive and it also discourages them from doing anything dishonest.

The ideal way of setting up home surveillance systems or a business surveillance system is to purchase security equipments that are available off-the-shelf. There are varieties to choose from. However, it is important that you decide whether you will opt for wired or wireless surveillance systems. It is also ideal to choose a modular system as this type of system can be easily upgraded for future purposes.

Just several years ago, surveillance cameras recorded their security footage on VHS tapes. Nowadays, it is being recorded on DVRs as they are more efficient in recording longer security footage. They come in 4, 8, and 16 channel DVR system and can record at higher resolution. These types of systems can be programmed to record when motion is detected or at certain time intervals.

It is quite surprising to learn just how many types of security camera systems there are. The choices will vary based on resolution, color or monochrome, and low light recording capability. One of the security devices that have gained a lot of popularity is the concealable camera. This camera is so minute in size that it can easily be hidden anywhere. However, since the camera is not visible, it will not deter any acts of dishonesty, but it will record those activities.

A surveillance system is a great security tool especially when it is used properly. They are inexpensive and they can be monitored from anywhere. However, it is very important to use such systems within the boundaries of the law.

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